About the Band

Tim Budig Band


2 0 1 7   I B C   S E M I   F I N A L I S T
Raw, rowdy and rough edged, this dynamic band delivers Chicago blues with heart, grit and reckless abandon. Band leader Tim Budig’s love of the blues oozes out of every note he plays and sings. His song writing captures the emotion, angst and playfulness of the greats he grew up listening to, but tells a story all his own.
It’s the trials of everyday life, from struggling with money, struggling with love, or the occasional bender to blow off steam. The tales are light hearted and the music fun loving, done in the spirit of the blues, trying to make good times out of the bad.
Tim has surrounded himself with cream of the crop musicians who perform with a sense of togetherness, experience and versatility that propelled them to the semi-finals of the 2017 International Blues Challenge, establishing them as a truly world class blues band.

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